Sharing our Stories
The stories of aboriginal people are central to language cultures and values.
In this section you find a diversity of stories by shared by community members from a number of nations.
Our Land
Aboriginal people have a rich connection to the places where they have always lived.
This section addresses the deep relationship that
exists between Aboriginal Communities and the land including but not limited to treaty process, traditional place names, plants and their uses.
Skills & Trades
Aboriginal communities have developed sofisticated technologies in support of harvesting, housing, and transportation.
In this section you find many and diverse skills that our aboriginal people can share with  students.
 Games and Recreation
Healthy living sports and recreation are central to Aboriginal people.
May include but is not limited to lacrosse, canoe racing, Inuit northern sports as well as games like luhel’ (bone) game.

Thank you to those who have graciously shared their wisdom and knowledge. The Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project is committed to honoring the values, cultures and perspectives of British Columbia’s Aboriginal people. The knowledge derived from local Aboriginal experts will be valued and utilized respectfully.