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Lesson One Speaking and Listening

(Oral Language – Speaking and Listening)

The Story of Little Mouse Sister

Learning Outcome

Students assess their own speaking and listening skills, set goals for improvement, and formulate creative oral responses to information or ideas.


Goal: Students will listen to a story identifying main events as they relate to developing a plot profile. Students will retell a story in their own words infront of a small group.

Activate Prior Knowledge: Students are given phrases from the story. Students need to read the phrases with a partner and try to predict what the story may be about. Do not give them the title of the story at the beginning.

Predict and Question: Have students share their predictions about the story. Give them the title and ask how it has changed their thinking. Questions: What are you wondering? What questions do you have?

Task: You will be listening to a story. While you are listening, you need to keep track of important details on a plot profile sheet. You will be responsible for retelling the story to a partner and a small group.



Reminder: It is important to stop throughout the story and give students (A/B partners) opportunity to talk or respond to the story. Students can track ideas on the Plot Profile Sheet during the story.

Little Mouse Sister 1_ Little Mouse Sister Part 2

Click here to Read Transcript

A/B Partners – Students complete their plot profile sheets and share with a partner. Students discuss what they think the key events were and where the climax of the story occurred.


Students then practice retelling the story with their partner using their plot profile sheet as their guide. Partners give each other feedback on their retelling. Students then move into groups of four and share their retelling.


Students complete Reflection Sheet assessing their speaking and listening skills and formulating future storytelling goals.

Extend learning or next lesson

Students write and illustrate their retelling. Possible formats:

– 11 x 17 storyboard, divided into 10 squares.

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