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Lesson 1 P.E. Active Living

Teacher Note:

This lesson could be implemented over the span of an entire month/year or used as an introduction to a healthy living unit.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • relate the effects of regular participation in a variety of types of physical activities to quality of life.
  • identify and describe factors that affect choices of physical activity for life.



  • Students will develop a better understanding of how their physical activities impact their physical/social/emotional well being.


Students will create a log of their daily activities and assess the physical, social, and emotional impacts of those chosen activities.


  1. Discuss key vocabulary.
  2. Brainstorm and record the physical activities which the students participate in.
  3. Create an Active Living Chart documenting what activities the students participate in and other activities they wish to try.
  4. Watch video on active living.
  5. Create a personal Activity Log identifying the relationship of their activities to their physical, social, and emotional well being.

Activate Prior Knowledge:

Discuss the following vocabulary and brainstorm ideas of the respective definitions on the board.

Key vocabulary to discuss: lifestyle, physical, social, emotional, balance.(Definitions)

Create a large chart documenting all the physical activities that the students are involved with over the span of one weekend/week/month etc. For example, list all of the activities the students are involved in and then add a check for every student that participates in an activity.


After identifying the students’ activities, ask the students to think about another activity they would be interested in trying, given the opportunity. Use A/B partners to discuss reasons and share with the class.


Pose this question to the students – “Why have the students chosen their current activities or the activities they are interested in trying?” Have the students record their choices and reasons on an Active Living Chart. When giving reasons, the students should think about the physical, social, and emotional benefits of their chosen activity.


Video: Students watch the following video. While watching, students should focus on the physical, social, and emotional benefits of the sport featured in the video.

Reminder: It is important to stop throughout the video and give students (A/B partners) opportunity to talk or respond to the video.


Students create a personal Activity Log that will document their activities over a class determined period of time (ie. one weekend/week/month) Using notebooks or student planners, students will log their daily activities and include the following information – date, activity, duration, and personal comments on the physical, social, and emotional aspects of their chosen activity.


(This reflection will occur after the chosen period of time for the Activity Log has been completed) Students refer to their completed Activity Logs and write a paragraph that reflects on the following questions:

  • How has the Activity Log increased your awareness of your chosen activities?
  • Have you become more aware of the physical, social, and/or emotional benefits of being active?

Extend learning or next lesson

Explore the Canada Health Active Living Guide

and explore the information and activities located in the website.